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Software Programmer/Developer/Achitect


I write code, enterprise backend, usually web services, mostly Java/Kotlin/Scala, micro-services, JEE, Spring Boot, Spring Batch, cloud / AWS, Docker / Kubernetes, event driven design / Reactive eXtensions, relational database SQL, NoSQL, Cassandra, messaging / JMS, Hadoop, Google Protocol Buffers, OSGi, Cucumber / Gerkin, Wiremock, Mockito, JUnit, Bash scripting, Linux / Unix, and many other things like Puppet, Zookeeper, Jetty, Tomcat, J-Boss, etc.

I’ve having been coding commercial software since ~1990.

I worked at Sun Microsystems, Inc. in software development, then switched to their Sun Java Center consulting group to help their customer, mostly Wall Street, but also silicon valley. We instructed on system architecture, software architecture, software development methodology, and coded. Later I worked at PayPal, Tendril, JDA Software Group, and others as a lead developer.

Personal Coding Examples

Required Development Environment Tools

Employment History

6/20221/2023 Senior Software Engineer, Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX)

2020 – 5/2022 Software Developer, PayPal w/ TCS

Maintained and implemented feature enhancements to a batch merchant report generation system.

1/10/2019-10/1/2019 Software Engineer, Arris/Commscope

1/1/2018-4/1/2018 Software Engineer, Comcast, Corp.

1/4/2016-12/31/2017 Software Engineer, Charter Communications.

9/1/2014-2015 Software Engineer, Comcast, Corp.

2/1/2014-5/1/2014 Software Engineer, Tendril, Inc.

2/1/2010-12/31/2013 Senior Software Engineer, JDA Software Group, Inc. which merged with RedPrairie, Corp. formerly StorePerform, Inc.

2008-2009 Independent Software Development Consultant & Sun Java Consultant

2007 Chief Operation Officer, Evolution Hosting, Inc.

2004-2007 Independent Software Development Consultant & Sun Java Consultant

2002-2004 Senior Software Architect, Packexpo, Inc.

1999-2002 Java Consultant, Sun Java Center, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

1998-1999 Java Developer, Sun Educational Services, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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